Why are Red Peppers more expensive?


When you go to the market looking for bell peppers you are usually influenced by two factors. Whether you want a sweeter pepper or save some money. There is a reason why the green peppers are cheaper and not as sweet. They are the immature or unripe versions of the bell pepper which are in the same family as the usually hotter chili peppers. Like the red bell peppers the orange and yellow ones are also more ripe than green.


Green bell peppers are often slightly more bitter than the red, orange or yellow ones as the lack of time to mature does not allow the fruit to become sweeter. Because they are harvested earlier and thus require less growing time, the green ones can be sold for less.


Other than the better flavour, nutritionally a riper bell pepper contains a higher amount of beta carotene. This is especially true for the red bell peppers while yellow ones have a higher vitamin C content than green ones.

For us the green bell peppers still do have a place in the kitchen. The difference between all types is often minimal especially when combined in a stew or salad. They are cheaper and not all possess the bitterness of very unripe bell peppers.



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