Amazing Malaysian – Home Cooking

Malaysian cuisine draws up three major influences – Malays, Chinese and Indians. If one ingredient can symbolise Malay food it is the chili pepper. They cannot get enough of it. Add to this a good amount of Belacan (shrimp paste) and some coconut and you are well on the way to mastering the basics of this fantastic culture and cuisine.

Amazing Malaysian: Recipes for Vibrant Home-Cooking
Malaysian food is incredible. Think vibrant, healthy dishes with dazzling flavours and textures. With over 100 recipes - using ingredients that you can find in any supermarket - this is the ultimate guide to cooking the food of Malaysia at home. Try an authentic satay, an aromatic curry, a laksa, or simply the perfect fluffy coconut rice.
Written by: Norman Musa
Published by: Square Peg
Date Published: 02/18/2016
Available in: Hardcover

Norman Musa’s book Amazing Malaysian: Recipes for vibrant Home-Cooking has over 100 recipes to try and will be released this month.


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