Artwork for
the ingredient enthusiast

All our designs are unique to the Cuisitive store. We are constantly creating new designs. They are all vector based which means that they look amazing at all sizes. Each design is either coordinated by colour or using a logical organization scheme. For example our Chili Peppers collection is arranged by Scoville scale (the Chili heat index) and our Cheese collection according to softness/hardness.  In contrast our Fruits, Spices and Herbs Collections are arranged by colour.

100% Edible Ingredients

Every ingredient included in the artwork is considered to be edible around the world.

Fully scaleable

As our designs are 100% vector based this means they look amazing at any printed size. No detail or clarity is lost.


Perfect for the kitchen wall, living, office space or restaurant. Our designs are suited for any setting.

Exceptional prints

Working exclusively with Whitewall we guarantee every print is of the highest quality. You can even choose your paper style and print size.


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Perfection clarity at all resolutions

Up close or from distance, the artwork looks great.

Visual & Accurate

Not only are the designs very visual they include carefully selected edible ingredients.

Various print sizes

Each collection comes in 3-4 sizes up to 1.2m horizontally.

Quality paper

You can choose between 3 different types of paper. All of them are great!


All our prints are done by Whitewall. Reliable and fast.


Secure and fast. Paypal, Debit + Credit Cards.