All about Cuisitive

We specialise in offering content about world cuisine with an attention to creative design.

Our objective is to offer interesting and varied content with the aim of inspiring food and drink lovers to explore even more than they knew before. Whether learning about a new obscure herb only used in parts of Asia or what chilli peppers and chocolate have in common chemically. Cuisitive focuses on anything that we believe will be of interest to those who share our obsession and want to know more about world cuisine.









A unique perspective to Food and Drink

We try to offer not only exciting content but also a real attention to the way it is presented.

Because of our background in not only gastronomy but also design, we really care about the combination of the two. As well as offering a wealth of articles, features, profiles and guides to food and drink, we also offer products to buy and download for free that are not only visually attractive but also informative. 












The desire to constantly learn more about the world, other cultures and its cuisine.

Cuisitive was founded by Ben P Jones in 2014 as a way to explore two of his passions – eating and designing. With a background in tourism, branding and marketing he joined forces with Luciano Vallejo, a chef and entrepreneur to offer various services under the brand of Cuisitive.  It remains a company run by a small team drawing on a range of contributors globally.  













Our Mission

Cuisitive has one simple mission. To continue inspiring like minded people to look beyond what they are comfortable with and try new ingredients, explore other cultures and most importantly learn something new each day from us.










We are constantly wanting to know more about the world of cuisine. That’s part of the attraction with this ambitious project.

We are always looking for new contributors who offer a different approach to food & drink. From amateurs to professional chefs, sommeliers to producers if you are passionate and like what we do get in touch by mailing us.